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From May 2014 a brand new Gustamps service has become available to everyone free of charge from Gustamps. You can now contact Gustamps and have your stamps expertly checked by a Gustamps philatelic expert to see if your scarcer stamps are genuine/ reprints/ or faux. Let Gustamps check whether your stamps are 're-gummed' or 're-perfed' (re-perferated). Are the postmarks genuine? Gustamps can tell you free of charge. Don't guess the value of your stamp collection, contact Gustamps now and obtain an expert up-to-date valuation from Gustamps free of charge. Gustamps can confirm if your stamps are facsimiles or original. Gustamps can advise you on the valuation of single stamps or First Day Covers. This Gustamps service is free and Gustamps are always pleased to help.  
You can contact Gustamps on 01273 326994 whenever you need to.