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Gustamps new promotion of free perforation gauges for every stamp collector has now reached over the 2000 mark. Philatelists are still coming to Gustamps in droves requesting free Gustamps perforation gauges. Thanks to Gustamps, these philatelists are now more aware of the precise identification and value of different perforation variations of their stamps. The Gustamps perforation gauges are free on request from Gustamps and Gustamps will even send them to philatelists through the mail post free. Please contact Gustamps on 01273 3269964 for more info. 
Gustamps have announced there is over 75% increase in demand from collectors for the many Gustamps FREE stamp offers and Gustamps FREE stamp services, now available and listed on Gustamps pages on wordpress. 
Thanks to all Gustamps customers and stamp collectors for your interest in Gustamps products and Gustamps free stamp offers.
Gustamps had an interesting visit from Peter P. Peter came to Gustamps shop in Brighton and asked Gustamps for a particular stamp. The stamp Gustamps was asked for by Peter was the New Zealand armed forces ten cent stamp of 1968 (SG Cat. no. 885) Peter told Gustamps he wanted several examples of the stamp. When Gustamps manager looked up the stamp in the catalogue he could not believe what he saw. Peter was the man on the stamp! Peter told Gustamps manager he was an airman in New Zealand and was asked by the New Zealand Post Office if they could depict him on the stamp. Gustamps heard how Peter P was seen by millions of people worldwide. Peter told Gustamps that back then the New Zealand Post Office normally only portrayed royalty on stamps or people who had died. Gustamps heard that Peter was the first non Royal live person on an N.Z. stamp. Peter P was a really nice, friendly man and kindly signed his autograph for some of Gustamps customers.
Gustamps manager really enjoyed meeting Peter P. and thanks him on behalf of Gustamps customers for his autograph.
Gustamps are pleased to announce the opening of a new French colonial stamp department at their shop in Brighton. The specialised Gustamps department will deal with French colonial stamps from 1859 to modern. Gustamps French colonial department  will be split into separate sections as follows.
1. Gustamps general French colonial stamps including; Eagle, Napoleon, Ceres and Peace & Commerce Issues.
2. Gustamps French Congo and French Equatorial Africa.
3. Gustamps French Guiana and French Guinea.
4. Special Gustamps section for French Indian settlements.
5. Gustamps French Morocco, this Gustamps section will also deal with British, German and Spanish Morocco.
6. There will also be a Gustamps section to cover the stamps of French Polynesia and French Southern and Antarctic Territories. 
7. The Gustamps French Somali Coast section will be dealing with French Sudan. The area for the Territory of the Afars, will also be available from the Gustamps department. 
8. Finally a specialist Gustamps department has been formed to deal with the stamps of French West Africa. This new Gustamps department will also deal with the purchase and sales of stamps from French Guinea, the Ivory Coast and Dahomy. The Gustamps French West Africa department has stamps available for French Sudan, Mali and Senegal as well as Mauritana.
Please note the new Gustamps French colonial department will cater for all collectors from beginners to specialists. For more information please contact Gustamps on 01273 326994.