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A Convoy comes to Gustamps
Gustamps shop was a hub of excitement last week when a convoy of cars descended outside the Brighton Gustamps stamp shop. Visitors to Gustamps shop quickly filled up the loading bay and disabled parking spaces outside Gustamps in Prince Albert Street as well as several parking spaces in the street opposite Gustamps shop with their cars. The group arrived at Gustamps from Hastings where news of Gustamps free stamp valuations had circulated among the group which comprised of one family and friends from the Hastings area of Sussex. Everyone took turns to come into Gustamps shop to eagerly find out how much their stamps were worth. In all Gustamps conducted 11 separate stamp valuations for the people from Hastings. Gustamps valuations ranged from £13 for the lowest valued collection (which was a typical school-boy-type collection of the 1990s) to one collection valued by Gustamps at £860 (which contained many Edwardian stamps.) Everyone was pleased with Gustamps free stamp valuations and Gustamps ended up purchasing 7 out of the 11 stamp collections. Thanks from Gustamps to the visitors from Hastings for their kindness in enabling Gustamps to publish their valuation experience at Gustamps. 
Extra stamp sales at Gustamps because of Europhilex
Gustamps Stamp collectors and dealers alike visiting the UK from abroad during May 2015 to attend the Europhilex stamp exhibition in London could not resist making the extra trip from London to Brighton to visit Gustamps stamp shop in Prince Albert Street. Visiting Gustamps famous Sussex shop was a priority for the foreign philatelists. Gustamps sales of China stamps was constant and brisk as were sales of Gustamps Great Britain stamps. Gustamps also had lots of interest from the Europhilex people for postal history items. Asked why Gustamps did not attend the Europhilex exhibition, Gustamps manager said "we are far too busy at the Gustamps shop and lots of people have been making the detour from London to Brighton after visiting the exhibition to come and see us in Brighton at the Gustamps shop."
The smiling boys come to Gustamps :-)   :-)
Graham Stokes looked into Gustamps shop in Brighton and asked Gustamps could give him a free Gustamps stamp valuation. Gustamps answer was yes. "Can you do it right now?" asked Mr Stokes. "Yes, I'll do it right away," said Gustamps valuer. "Great, I've got a couple of smiling boys in my car outside, I'll just bring them in," remarked Mr Stokes. Gustamps valuer was a bit surprised when Graham Stokes came back into Gustamps shop alone. When Mr Stokes revealed what he was holding in his hand everything became clear. Mr Stokes showed Gustamps valuer two red New Zealand health stamps of 1931. The two stamps each depicted a smiling boy. Gustamps valuer told Mr Stokes that the market price of the two stamps was £50 and that Gustamps would be pleased to buy them for that figure. Mr Stokes accepted Gustamps offer and was pleased to leave Gustamps shop with his £50 payment. The smiling boys remained at Gustamps. Thanks from Gustamps to Mr Graham Stokes for allowing Gustamps to share his valuation experience at Gustamps.  

Uncomplicated valuations - Gustamps have the answer

Gustamps say there is no need to struggle to try to value your stamps on E-Bay or via Google. Gustamps say proper stamp valuations should not be reliant on scraps of information gleaned by looking at internet catalogue values. Gustamps explain that the value of a stamp can depend on its condition. According to Gustamps a torn or damaged stamp would have a lower market price than one in perfect condition. Gustamps say lots of factors determine the value of a stamp. Gustamps add watermarks, perforations and even minor differences can totally alter the value of a stamp. Gustamps explain that partial information can be unhelpful and misleading. According to Gustamps the job of valuing a stamp collection should be done by professional stamp valuers and Gustamps offer a totally free of charge expert valuation service. You are recommended not to try to value your stamps by trying to estimate the value yourself and guessing. Gustamps have been professionally valuing stamps for over 40 years and Gustamps can offer you a Gustamps expert and concise up to the minute stamp valuation service completely free of charge.