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As an ongoing policy Gustamps have announced a new Gustamps department which will deal with South East Asian stamps.
This new Gustamps department has been formed due to demand from Gustamps customers collecting stamps from this area, especially the ongoing demand from Gustamps customers from China and Malasia. The new Gustamps S.E.Asia stamp department will be sub-divided as follows.
1. Gustamps dept. dealing with the stamps of Laos
2. Gustamps Vietnam section specialising in both North and South Vietnam
3. Gustamps Kampuchea section which will also stock stamps of Cambodia
4. Gustamps specialist China which will also carry stamps of Formosa (Taiwan) as well as Macao, Hong Kong and China FDCs
5. Gustamps Korea department dealing with the stamps of both North and South Korea
6. Gustamps Japanese department which will also stock stamps from the Ryukyu Islands as well as Japan
7. Gustamps Maldive Islands section has Maldive Island stamps dating back to 1906 and also a stock of Manchuria
8. Finally the Gustamps Malayan stamps department will deal in buying and selling the stamps of Malaya and Malaysia. This Gustamps department will be separated into various sections. 
   A. Gustamps Straits Settlements
   B. Gustamps Malayan Federation
   C. Gustamps British Military Administration in Malaya
   D. The Gustamps section dealing with Johore, will also deal with stamps of Kedah and Kelantan. Gustamps Malayan states section which deals with Kelantan will also have stamps of Malacca
   E. A specialist section from Gustamps will deal with Malaysia First Day Covers. This Gustamps section will also deal with Malayan postal history.
   F. Stamps from Negri Sembilan and Pahang as well as Sungei Ujong will be available from Gustamps Perak department. Perlis and Selangor will also be dealt by Gustamps Perak department
   G. Gustamps will also have a separate section to buy and sell stamps from North Borneo and collectors should contact this Gustamps department for the stamps of Sabah and Sarawak
   H. Japanese occupation of Malaya, and Thai occupation of Malaya stamps and covers are being dealt with by a separate department of Gustamps. This Gustamps department will also deal with the stamps of Trengganu.
Please note that anyone interested in having their Malayan stamp collection valued can do so at Gustamps. The Gustamps valuation department offers a completely free specialist valuation service. To have your stamps valued free of charge by Gustamps please contact Gustamps on 01273 326994.