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Stamp clubs pay nothing for stamps at Gustamps
Gustamps the Brighton stamp dealers are always trying to promote stamp collecting as a hobby. Now Gustamps are inviting stamp clubs to contact Gustamps to obtain free stamps. The free stamps from Gustamps are offered to all genuine, bona fide stamp clubs, to be given away with the compliments of Gustamps as prizes at stamp club quizzes and stamp club meetings. If you run or organize a stamp club then you should get in touch with Gustamps for free stamps for your stamp club members. Telephone Gustamps on 01273 326994 for more information from Gustamps.

Interesting fact at Gustamps
A customer specializing in collecting scientific instruments on stamps called at Gustamps shop and asked if Gustamps had any stamps depicting telescopes. The customer was offered a stamp from Gustamps stock of West Indies stamps. The stamp he was offered was from St Kitts Nevis issued during King George V's reign. The stamp depicted Christopher Columbus looking through a telescope. The customer purchased the stamp and then said something unusual to Gustamps manager "did you know that telescopes had not been invented yet at the time of Christopher Columbus?" "No" said Gustamps manager, who was surprised.

Recent purchases and sales at Gustamps
Gustamps bought the lot
Mr and Mrs Fisher's trip to Brighton last week included a visit to Gustamps stamp shop. The Fishers brought along seven stamp albums which had belonged to Mr and Mrs Fisher and other family members. Gustamps saw albums which had belonged to aunts, uncles and grandparents. The collections of stamp albums had been brought to Gustamps for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. The free Gustamps valuation culminated with Gustamps offering Mr and Mrs Fisher £580 for all seven albums. The Fishers were pleased with Gustamps offer and Gustamps bought the lot. 

Quick sale at Gustamps
Nell came into Gustamps Brighton stamp shop in a hurry. "My car is parked in the loading bay across the road" she said. Nell told Gustamps it was her son's birthday and Nell wanted a packet of worldwide stamps for her boy. "What's the biggest packet available at the lowest price from Gustamps," Nell said. Gustamps salesperson's answer to Nell was that a packet of over 1,000 different stamps from Gustamps was only £9. Nell bought the packet from Gustamps. 

Nell's visit to Gustamps lasted only 3 minutes and in that time she had bought her son's birthday present from Gustamps for under £10.

AMG - FTT.... Gustamps explains

Gustamps are often asked interesting questions about stamps. Recently a customer in Gustamps shop brought in an Italian stamp overprinted as AMG - FTT. He asked Gustamps manager what the overprint meant. Gustamps manager explained that AMG was an abbreviation of Allied Military Government. Gustamps added that FTT stood for Free Territory of Trieste. The customer, who was pleased with Gustamps explanation, said he was coming back with some other stamps for Gustamps to identify on his next trip to Gustamps.

Gustamps explain how EU is not the European Union

George (aged 10) came into Gustamps shop with his Dad. George's Dad said to Gustamps salesperson, "we would like to buy one of your great value £4 stamp packets, but could you answer a question for us?" George's Dad showed Gustamps salesperson a stamp of Colombia overprinted EU. Gustamps salesperson was asked "does that stand for European Union?" Gustamps salesperson asked Gustamps manager to help answer the question. Gustamps manager replied "no, the stamp was issued long before the European Union existed." Gustamps manager said the stamp was issued in 1923. Gustamps manager added that the EU overprint denoted that the stamp was for use by the United States Consulate. George's Dad said "it's nice to be able to come to a shop which not only sells stamps but gives helpful information too.