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Gustamps have been increasingly busy recently helping philatelists in Sussex updating valuation information. Gustamps point out that frequent stamp valuations are important as market prices fluctuate. If you want to have a free stamp valuation of your stamp collection from Gustamps please book your appointment as soon as possible and avoid any delay of your free Gustamps valuation. Gustamps recommend that you are aware of current market value instead of guessing what your stamps may be worth. For your free stamp valuation from Gustamps, please telephone Gustamps valuation department and book your appointment with Gustamps expert stamp valuer. Telephone: 01273 326994 for a convenient appointment and for more info from Gustamps.
Roland's visit to Gustamps
Roland visited Gustamps' shop in Brighton on behalf of a friend. Roland was not a stamp collector but his friend in New Zealand had sent him a colour photocopy of a stamp he owned. Roland's friend had asked him to take the photocopy to Gustamps for a free Gustamps valuation and find out what his stamp was worth. Roland told Gustamps that he bought it from the New Zealand Post Office in 2006 for $2NZ but someone had told him it could be quite valuable. Looking at the photocopy, Gustamps' valuation expert told Roland it was not possible to give a precise valuation from a photocopy. Roland was told by Gustamps he could have a free Gustamps valuation but based on a photocopy it would just be an approximate guide, to get a proper Gustamps valuation it would be best to bring the stamp to Gustamps. Gustamps told Roland that if the stamp in the photocopy was in perfect condition, it could be worth £700 or more. Gustamps told Roland the stamp in the photocopy was issued by the New Zealand post office as part of a set of five stamps showing Maori dancers. This particular stamp was the $2 value depicting Maori Haka dance. The stamps upset some New Zealand Maori people because of the designs. Gustamps explained to Roland that the New Zealand post office withdrew the controversial stamps from sale to the public. Gustamps added that a few stamps were sold in error and that Roland's friend was fortunate to have one because of its scarcity. Gustamps valuation expert told Roland that if his friend wanted to sell the stamp, Gustamps would be interested in purchasing it.
Gustamps would like to thank Roland for letting Gustamps publish his valuation experience at Gustamps.