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Auntie Maud's 97th Birthday at Gustamps
Gustamps was established in 1971 and one of the very first customers to visit Gustamps' shop in London was Maud Rodgers. Maud visited Gustamps' shop with her nephew George. Maud then 55 years of age had started stamp collecting as a school girl in the 1930s before World War II. She wanted George to take up stamp collecting. When she came to Gustamps in 1971 George was only 7 and Auntie Maud bought George his first stamp album, stamp tweezers, hinges and a big packet of world stamps. Auntie Maud and George had been coming to Gustamps ever since, first to Gustamps' shop in London then in more recent years to Gustamps' Brighton shop. The staff and management of Gustamps know Mrs. Rodgers so well that everyone refers to her as 'Auntie Maud'. Earlier this year, Maud's nephew George said he was bringing Auntie Maud down to Brighton for her 97th Birthday and wanted to make sure that Gustamps' shop would be open. Everyone at Gustamps was pleased to welcome Auntie Maud and wish her a happy 97th birthday, when Gustamps' manager presented her with a birthday cake and a birthday gift from Gustamps staff of a new stamp album.