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One of Gustamps customers on a recent visit to Gustamps brought along his Southern Africa collection for a free Gustamps valuation. The collection had some interesting old stamps from Natal, Transvaal, and other South African stamps. The Gustamps specialist noted a particularly fine selection from Rhodesia. The Gustamps customer was really pleased with Gustamps valuation of £1500. Whilst looking through the Rhodesian section of the collection, Gustamps Southern Africa specialist remarked that the stamps reminded him of Ian Smith's Unilateral Declaration of Independance of Rhodesia from Britain in the 1970s. Gustamps specialist commented that he remembered back in the 1970s the Minister of Posts in the UK John Stonehouse declared the new Rhodesian stamps were to be regarded as illegal, and invalid for postal use in the UK. Gustamps specialist said he had received a letter back then from relatives in Rhodesia bearing the UDI stamps and he was charged double the postage costs to receive his letter. 

Thanks to Gustamps Africa specialist for his memories of the Rhodesia UDI stamps of 1970.
Times Past at Gustamps

             Boy Scouts at Gustamps 

             A scout master visiting Gustamps to have his stamps
             valued free of charge from Gustamps came along with
             his two sons both boy scouts. The scout master's collection
             contained many older foreign countries dating back to
             the turn of the century Gustamps valuation for the collection
             was £450. The scout master had never intended to sell the
             collection as he wanted to pass it on to his sons and thought
             the valuation from Gustamps would be useful as it was free
             of charge. Whilst in Gustamps shop in Brighton the scout
             master started his sons up with their own scout and guide
             topical stamp collection. The two young by scouts visiting
            Gustamps shop with their father were pleased to see the
            great selection of Gustamps boy scout stamps and Gustamps
            girl guide stamps on offer at Gustamps shop. Gustamps
            thematic and topical stamp salesman told them that he used
            to be a boy scout when he was a boy. He told them he recalled
            going to the world scout jubilee jamboree at Sutton Coldfield
            in 1957. Gustamps salesman said whilst he was there he
            bought one of the British Post Office scout jamboree First Day
            covers. "I still got the cover," he said. The two young boy scouts
            told their father they wanted similar covers themselves, but they
            had already spent their pocket money. "Next time we come to
            Gustamps - we can get one then. It will be something for you to
            look forward to," said the scout master.
           Thanks to Gustamps salesman for his recollections of the 1957
           boy scout jubilee jamboree at Sutton Coldfield, and thanks to the
           scout master and his sons for allowing Gustamps to publish this
           nostalgic interlude at Gustamps.

           If you have any stamps you wish to know the value of please
           remember that you can have them valued free of charge at
           Gustamps in Brighton. To get a free Gustamps stamp valuation just
           telephone Gustamps stamp valuer on 01273 326994.       

John Lennon - philatelist

A customer visiting Gustamps shop in Brighton was buying some Beatles thematic stamps. Impressed with the Gustamps selection of Beatles stamps on sale at Gustamps he remarked to Gustamps manager that he was a great fan of the Beatles. He told Gustamps manager that he was also a keen stamp collector and he collected other pop music themes, but he thought that Gustamps Beatles stamps were perfect for him. He also said to Gustamps manager "Of course, you would never catch any of the fab four collecting stamps!"

Gustamps manager said "Actually, that's not quite right." Gustamps manager said he remembered reading in the national newspapers in 2005 that Stanley Gibbons had bought John Lennon's schoolboy stamp collection. John Lennon had collected then stamps during the 1950s. Gustamps manager told Gustamps customer that soon after the collection was sold for £30,000 to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in the USA. Gustamps customer replied saying "That's really cool. If John Lennon was a stamp collector then I'm certainly in good company."

Gustamps thanks the Beatles theme stamp collector and Gustamps manager for letting Gustamps publish this nostalgic occasion at Gustamps.