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Eric discovered Gustamps on the internet and soon made contact with Gustamps for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. On his visit to Gustamps Sussex shop Eric produced a large laundry bag containing several stamps albums. Eric explained to Gustamps that only one album belonged to him and said "all these albums belong to relatives and friends, everyone wants a free Gustamps valuation and they picked me to bring them along to Gustamps." In all Eric showed Gustamps 8 separate stamp albums. Eric's own album of world stamps was valued by Gustamps at £20. Five other albums had Gustamps valuations ranging from £6 to £33. Eric's uncle Stanley's album had a valuation of £70 from Gustamps. Eric was surprised to find out that his cousin's stamp collection of Thailand and Burma stamps was worth £230, according to the Gustamps valuation. Eric told Gustamps that he was sure his cousin would be pleased as he had inherited it from his Dad. Eric said to Gustamps that his cousin wasn't even a proper stamp collector. Eric sold his own stamp collection to Gustamps for £20 and took the rest back to their owners to let them know the Gustamps valuation. 
Thanks to Eric for letting Gustamps share his valuation experience at Gustamps and for letting Gustamps publish it.
If you would like a single or multiple free stamp valuation from Gustamps please contact Gustamps first on 01273 326994 for more info from Gustamps.
Caroline Prentice was not a stamp collector so when she came across a folder under some books in her late father's library, she looked on the internet for help. Mrs Prentice soon found Gustamps. The Gustamps offer on the internet was for a totally free stamp valuation by Gustamps. Caroline lived in Shoreham, Sussex very close to Gustamps who were based in Brighton Sussex. As far as Caroline was concerned the stamps looked like ordinary commemorative, modern postage stamps, so why would her late father have put them in such an unusual place? Caroline hoped Gustamps could provide her with an answer. A simple telephone call to Gustamps and Mrs Prentice had secured an appointment for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. Two days later she brought the stamps to Gustamps to be inspected. The Gustamps valuation of Mrs Prentice's stamps took less than 10 minutes. Gustamps pointed out to Mrs Prentice that all of the mint British stamps she had brought had major errors. The stamps were either missing the gold Queen's head or missing other colours from the printing. Some stamps said Gustamps were mis-perforated, missing embossing or missing the phosphor markings. All in all Gustamps said the stamps were likely to have been purchased by Mrs Prentice's father as an investment, but there was no way of knowing how much he had paid as there were no receipts. Gustamps valuation of Caroline Prentice's stamps was £1600 and Gustamps offered to buy them for £1600. Mrs Prentice accepted Gusatmps offer. She told Gustamps finding them in her Dad's library was a real windfall, she said the £1600 would be particularly useful to her now as she was out of work. Mrs Prentice told Gustamps "It's a bit scary, as I was ready to use the stamps to post my ordinary letters and the face value of the stamps was barely £9." Gustamps was happy with the stamp errors and Caroline was happy with the £1600 payment.
A tip from Gustamps is never guess the value of your stamps. A free stamp valuation from Gustamps is only a telephone call away and Gustamps valaution is free of charge.
Gustamps thanks Mrs Caroline Prentice for letting Gustamps publish her valuation experience at Gusatmps.
Question: Mr and Mrs Everett said "how many free Gustamps valuations can we have?" 
Perry and Kat Everett visited Gustamps in Brighton last week and asked Gustamps for a free stamp valuation of their joint collection. The Everetts said the problem is we have over 40 stamp albums and we can't bring them all to Gustamps in one go. How many free Gustamps valuations can we have?
Answer: Gustamps staff told Mr and Mrs Everett they can make as many appointments with Gustamps as necessary. Gustamps valuer added that as many trips to Gustamps as required could be made to accommodate the free Gustamps valuation. The Gustamps valuations were unlimited. Gustamps valuer did say it would be more practical to make fewer visits to Gustamps if possible and suggested four trips to Gustamps with ten albums each trip. Gustamps looks forward to seeing Mr and Mrs Everett and to give them the free Gustamps stamp valuations. Gustamps would also like to thank Perry and Kat Everett for letting Gustamps publish their valuation question.
Gustamps was contacted by Mrs Marsh Forshaw. Marsha made an appointment with Gustamps valuation department for a free Gustamps stamp valuation. On Martha's visit to Gustamps shop she showed Gustamps a small pocket book containing stamps of Samoa. Martha told Gustamps she was given the book as a a present by a friend while she was on a recent holiday on the Pacific Island of Western Samoa. Gustamps valuation of Martha's stamp collection was for £315. Martha was surprised and pleased with Gustamps valuation "should I sell them or do you think they may increase in value in time?" Martha asked Gustamps.
Gustamps reply to Martha was that the stamps of Samoa are popular with stamp collectors. Gustamps said that they may increase in value in the future.
Thanking Gustamps for the valuation Martha said she had decided to hold onto the stamps for now and said that she would like to return to Gustamps in the future for another free valuation do see if the stamps had increased in value.
As a matter of interest Mrs Forshaw asked Gustamps if they could explain to her what some of her Samoan stamps were. Gustamps explained to Martha that the oldest stamps in her collection were German stamps overprinted Samoa, these said Gustamps dated back to 1900 as did the German Samoan stamps with a yacht design. Gustamps told Martha the most valuable stamps in her pocket book were the New Zealand stamps with Samoa overprints, these were issued during 1914 and were much scarcer than Martha's recent western Samoan commemorative stamps. Gustamps told Martha to come back to Gustamps in one or two years time and get an up to date valuation of her Samoan stamps, when hopefully they may have increased in value. Of course the Gustamps valuation would be free of charge.
Gustamps thanks Mrs Marsha Forshaw for bringing her collection to Gustamps to be valued and also for allowing Gustamps to publish this blog.